At the very beginning I was thinking like almost all of my friends. This lesson is not that important. We have a trouble like Kpss as I write in my first post. Each week we learned good things and we did really good work. I learned different pages that I can use when i become a teacher. 

Even I did npt come all the weeks i followed the weeks carefully. One week for smart phones one week for Twitter and continues. All of these lessons are important and I learned how to use them in classroom. Even exams, homeworks and quizzes we can do them all by using technology. 

This century is full of with technology. Nowadays, so many children knows how to use computer better than us. They just playing with computer they do not go outside and see the beauties. Anyway, in teaching English I understood that this lesson is so important. I was saying Kpss always but if I want to be a good teacher I should learn these. I will not be a regretful that I learn these. Thanks to our CALL teacher Sedat Akayoğlu so much. 🙂

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This week we talked about podcasting. We have a site for it. It is Audioboo. I was not even know about it. Thanks to CALL lesson it taught me so many things.

As ı understood in the lesson, it is about speech and listening. We have radios like this. All of them have a podcasts so they record their voices and we listen them all around the world. 

In classroom, as an English teacher we want students to record and post their voices in this site and after we listen it we can assess their speaking skill or their pronunciation from it. Actually it is useful because you can not listen all of the students in the classroom. There can be noise or something so we have a podcast  too. We should use it. What is next? 🙂

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Digital Storytelling and Story Jumper


Digital Storytelling. It is easy thing but believe me it made me work on it two days. I couldn’t save the film at first. I was just saving as a word file but I learned it was not like that. Anyway, digital storytelling  is really enjoyful thing. We can use it everywhere.

In classrooms, students want more enjoyable things. When we read a story they do not care. If we prepare digital storytelling and show it in classroom I am sure that it will be more permanent and joyful for students. They can even want everytime in their story times. the teacher should prepare this and use it in the classroom. Believe me it is very very attractive. If it is attractive for me I cannot think how it can be for students.

Story Jumper. It is so easy to prepare it according to Digital Storytelling. If you visit:  you can see how you prepare it. It is like Power Point you just prepare a book. You can create a book you can put pictures or anything else. After you complete it you can buy it with hardcover. It is more appropriate for young learners. You can use them in your classrooms when you tell a story.

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Twitter and Facebook


I am sorry I was not in the lesson that week but let me say something about them. 

Firstly, Facebook is so boring nowadays. I closed it on holiday but because of the lessons i had to open it again. There are group on Facebook, it is really useful for communication or finding friends but it is not good as much as Twitter nowadays. When we take an account from Facebook when we were younger it was really enjoyful. I was chating with my friends or sharing smething with them but then it made me bored. After graduation I can close it again.

Then Twitter, nowadays it is really my focus. When i wake up i look at it, before i sleep i look at it. It is about our government actually. Anyway,when i read twitter i smile every time because there are so many funny people writing different things. On Twitter we can follow people that we want. For example, Noam Chomsky. When I read it I believe that I am learning something from it. In addition we can follow some news on it even if nowadays many of them are not true. 

I suggest Twitter not Facebook. Actually it is good too but not like Twitter. I think Facebook is so ridiculous :/ 

Use Twitter 🙂

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Online Conferences ; WizIQ


Let’s move on to WizIQ. It is for online conferences or online education. Teacher creates a class and invites students then, when the students come to the lesson the teacher put videos or word files or anything else. When the teacher opens the video it also open in all of the students’ computers. The students can also chat with themselves near the page. It is really like a class. You can see your friend if you want if you have camera also 🙂 

Do not say me that I cannot use it in my teaching because it is like real life believe me. If you want to use authentic materials it is okay you can not use this much but every teacher should use this. 

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Nicenet and Dokeos

Believe me in the lesson i just remember Nicenet. I am sure that Dokeos is the same as Nicenet. Anyway, in this lesson as we learned Nicenet we saw that we can use so many different teaching things in the classroom. 

These are so useful as I know. In United States our teacher were using Moodle. It was really good one. My teacher gave homeworks, quizzes or videos on Moodle. When i begin to use it I thought that I must use this. When I begin it there was time for it and you had to finish it when you begin. 

When I ask it to our teacher here, it is so difficult to moderate it, so we learned easier ones I am sure that I will use them. Technology is improving so we can give homeworks or quizzes on Nicenet and Dokeos. 

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Awesome Prezi ,


This is so great thing for our teaching experiences. For years, we are using Power Point and it is really boring thing. When I see Prezi as our teacher taught i said ” our lessons will be more powerful and dynamic.” When we make presentations it does not bore even teacher. 

Thanks to our teacher, we learned really useful thing for our teaching or our micro teachings. It is really enjoyable thing.

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